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A Pink Lady

The Pinkerton Detective Series - Book One

ISBN: (13): 9781503274440 / (10): 1503274446 / ASIN: B00PMIUS20
Published: 2014 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Romance/Mystery & Suspense/Women Sleuths / Pages: 278
Ebook Price: $2.99 / Paperback Price: $9.95

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One Woman Against an Assassin's Bullet...

In the spring of 1881, the United States was on the cusp of a national tragedy. For months, factions of the Republican Party had been locked in an escalating tug of war, exacerbated by the surprise election of James A. Garfield as President. Contentious appointment hearings, political backbiting, and scandal were nothing new. But to the impressionable mind of an unbalanced observer named Charles Guiteau, there seemed only one way to relieve the tensions mounting in Washington D.C.— remove the man at the center of the controversy.

In May, just one month before Guiteau’s first attempt on the President’s life, a lone woman was tasked with rooting out the threat to Garfield and his administration. Newly inducted into Allan Pinkerton’s Female Detective’s Bureau, Amanda Brown was a fugitive from an unhappy past. She’d fled her small, rural town on the promise that Pinkerton Agent Christopher Garrety would make her his partner and perhaps something more. But when complications of big city life and romance intervene, Amanda discovers that being a “detective” is nothing like she expected.

Oblivious to the storm gathering around the White House, Amanda arrives in the nation’s capitol only to discover her first assignment is far from routine. Swept into a dangerous game of espionage, Amanda must untangle a deceptive web of intrigue to unmask the true mastermind behind this political power play and save the man she loves before disaster strikes.

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Pink Revenge - The Pinkerton Detective Series - Book 2

Doomed by Her Obsession for Revenge...
Hannah Webster was shrewd, charming, and ruthless. Once head of Allan Pinkerton’s Female Detective Bureau, she was now a fugitive from justice and a woman bent on revenge. Dismissed from the Pinkerton Agency when her former protégé, Amanda Brown, exposed her collusion in President Garfield’s recent assassination, her only interest apart from self-preservation was to see Amanda punished. But when she entangles Amanda in a private war for revenge during a dangerous masquerade in Mexico, no one’s survival is certain.

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One Betrayal That Forever Changed History...
In 1861, rumors of a conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln shrouded his inaugural journey to the Capitol in fear and suspicion. Hired to safeguard Lincoln and the PW&B Railroad, famed detective Allan Pinkerton launched an undercover operation to avert disaster, but failed to identify a traitor among his own ranks. This oversight sowed the bitter seeds of destruction and revenge that would come to fruition tweny years later and threaten to destroy more than just Allan Pinkerton's trusted agents, but all he fought so hard to build.

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Pink Pursuits - The Complete Pinkerton Detective Series

All Three Exciting Novels from the Pinkerton Detective Series in One Volume...
Pink Pursuits contains the suspense-filled cases of fictional female Pinkerton detectives featuring new operative Amanda Brown. A witness to history as well as an agent of change, Amanda is sent to stop President Garfield’s assassination. But the resulting betrayal of a trusted colleague draws her into a private war where intrigue, sedition, and murder spark a dangerous game for survival begun twenty years earlier with the election of Abraham Lincoln. Only the promise of romance and true friendship is enough to help her through a series of risky trials.

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Read the Story that Started Amanda Brown's Journey to Become a Pinkerton...
The promise of new life had taken on special significance with spring's arrival in 1881. After a hectic year full of upheaval, changes abounded in every corner of the small Missouri town of Copper Creek. New buildings, new faces and new romances were transforming the rural community plagued by scandal since rumors of a hidden copper mine became deadly last July. But all that trouble was behind them now. Or so the people of Copper Creek thought, until one balmy morning in March, the stage arrived carrying a passenger with a decidedly disturbing mission.

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A Tent in the wind - Regency Romance

Their Lives Were Never Meant to Intertwine...
Kara had always been proud of her gypsy heritage. Destined to follow her grandmother as a great drabarni, she never imagined any life other than one of freedom beneath a tent in the wind until she met Lord Alec Adair. When they are unwittingly caught up in a scheme to restore Napoleon Bonaparte to power, Alec and Kara embark on a struggle to save a precious gypsy relic, unmask a national traitor, and solve a family mystery. But before they can triumph, they must sacrifice everything they thought they were to embrace a love neither dared to imagine.

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