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The Mysterious Miner's Legacy

Copper Creek Tales - Book 1 : A Copper Creek Series Prequel

ISBN: (13): 9781979097239 / (10): 1979097232 / ASIN: B07836F72Y
Published: 2017 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Romance/Western/Family Life / Pages: 288
Ebook Price: $2.99 / Paperback Price: $10.95

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A Tragedy From the Past Threatned her Hope for the Future...

For decades, Copper Creek had been shrouded in legend. Was the friendly Missouri town named for the stream coursing along its eastern border? Or did its identity originate from nearby copper deposits hidden long ago by the mysterious miner? Amy Kent knows the truth. But after a twenty-year absence, setting the record straight about her father’s hidden bonanza is the last thing on her mind. Rather, the chance to punish the men responsible for their bitter exile from Copper Creek has finally given her the courage to return home and change the town’s future forever.

In the spring of 1872, Amy rides into Copper Creek with anger in her heart and deceit upon her lips. In search of Michael Randolph, she is denied a reunion by his absence on business and decides to wait for his return. Meanwhile, she faces mounting complications from old friends and new residents alike. But perhaps the most disturbing obstacle to her plans for revenge is the town’s handsome doctor, Luke Owens.

Torn between a private vow and her growing admiration for the rural physician, Amy’s dilemma is further complicated by a longstanding mystery linked to her father’s closest friend. But in order to unravel the secrets of the past and seize her chance at retribution, she’ll have to choose between love and hate. Her decision will irrevocably alter her life by revealing that the mysterious miner’s true legacy is more than just a lost mine of rich copper ore.

A prequel to the Copper Creek Series of novels, The Mysterious Miner’s Legacy, goes back to Copper Creek’s early beginning to tell a tale of heartbreak, faith, courage, and redemption. With insight into the lives of pivotal characters from the original series and introductions to new members of the town, this novel adds more depth and color to an already compelling family saga.

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Bonds of Betrayal - Copper Creek Tales - Book 2

Bitter Ties From the Past Bound Them Together...
Bonds of Betrayal is the continuation of the exciting prequel to the Copper Creek Series begun in The Mysterious Miner’s Legacy. In this second book of the Copper Creek Tales, romance is in the air as Amy Kent expects a long-awaited visit from Doctor Luke Owens, the man who won her heart when he helped her best a man who betrayed her long ago. But when Luke is summoned to the aid of his estranged brother, Mark, Amy soon learns all her bright hopes for the future may be dashed by the bitter bonds of her past when an old enemy returns to frame her sweetheart.

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The Burden of Secrets Could Cost Her More Than Her Heart...
Jane Randolph’s residence in Copper Creek had not been long enough to know how many secrets were concealed behind its friendly doors or beneath its shimmering namesake. But during the summer of 1880, the arrival of two strangers begins to unravel the mystery of a hidden copper mine that had shrouded the town in legend for decades. Eager to dismiss the news as gossip, Jane’s encounters with the dashing architect, Thomas Mason and the town’s inscrutable new minister, Henry Kohl, begin to make her suspect there may be substance to the rumors. 

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Could a Twist of Fate Heal a Broken Heart?
Ben Kohl rode into Copper Creek amid the aftermath of scandal and disillusionment in the fall of 1880. Michael Randolph’s passing that summer had sparked an epidemic of doubt in Copper Creek that perhaps all was not as wholesome or honest as it seemed. But remedying this perception was not Ben Kohls’s aim. Rather, he intended to seek out the keeper of Michael Randolph’s darkest secret to release an even more shocking truth on the unsuspecting populace.

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Memories by the Stream - Copper Creek Series - Book 3

One Memory That Couldn't Be Forgotten or Forgiven...
The winter of 1880 had closed in on the town of Copper Creek, blanketing the Missouri countryside in a sparkling expanse of white. The stillness of the season afforded Ruth Randolph the opportunity to reflect on the drastic upheaval in her life since her husband's death that summer. Infidelity, intrigue, deception and mistaken identity had all been revealed in the light of truth. Yet, Ruth couldn't have been happier. After a long period of grief, she had finally made peace with the past. But when a letter arrives from her estranged father, Caleb Vance, a grudge left unresolved for more than twenty years forces Ruth to relive the darkest hour of her youth.

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Crossroads at the Stream - Copper Creek Series - Book 4

Caught At a Crossroads Between Truth and Lies...
The promise of new life had taken on special significance with spring's arrival in 1881. After a hectic year full of upheaval, changes abounded in every corner of the small Missouri town of Copper Creek. New buildings, new faces and new romances were transforming the rural community plagued by scandal since rumors of a hidden copper mine became deadly last July. But all that trouble was behind them now. Or so the people of Copper Creek thought, until one balmy morning in March, the stage arrived carrying a passenger with a decidedly disturbing mission.

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