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The best thing about reading a book is sharing the excitment and frustrations of the story with somone. That's why book clubs are so great. You can uncover brand new depths of understanding and fascinating insights on a book by hearing someone else's perspective. The richness of self-discovery, learning, growing and sharing are what gives storytelling both its power and its purpose.

For anyone who has partaken of my humble efforts at storytelling, I have crafted specific discussion guides for each novel, as well as a compliation of questions about my entire Copper Creek Series. Consider these questions as prompts to get you started on an engaging discussion of my tales and the themes behind them.

Click on any of links below to view questions for the individual novels or series you'd like to discuss with your book group.

Discussion Questions For:

The Mysterious Miner's Legacy Bonds of Betrayal Secrets of the Stream Ripples in the Stream Memories by the Stream Crossroads at the Stream Copper Creek Chronicles
A Pink Lady Pink Revenge The Pink Traitor Pink Pursuits A Tent in the Wind
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